Live Events Insurance

Live events continue to be the ultimate personal entertainment experience. But, because of their “one-off” nature, the risk of loss owing to unforeseen circumstance can be much higher than for other forms of entertainment. Outdoor events may be affected by extreme weather, sporting events by injury to a star player, music events by illness of a performer or damage to instruments and equipment.

Aon/Albert G. Ruben can assist with insuring your live events. We provide individually-designed insurance programs, including:

  • Contingency (including event cancellation, non-appearance, and weather-related coverages)
  • Redemption coverage
  • Specially-designed coverages for companies that support live events with staging, lighting, sound, rigging, venues, and transportation.

Behind a multitude of professional and industry awards, Aon/Albert G. Ruben professionals are likely to be hard at work, protecting the interests of the venue, the producers, production companies, celebrities, and sponsors – even the equipment rental companies. From the greatest athletes and artists to the various organizations they represent, we minimize the risks that could keep them from inspiring us all.