Motion Picture Production Insurance

A more intricate type of risk is Feature Film insurance. With experience placing coverage for productions shooting worldwide and budgets from under $1,000,000 to over $300,000,000, Aon/Albert G. Ruben can meet all of your insurance needs.

We have global capabilities unlike any other broker and our experts are able to advise you of the risks associated with the occupational health and safety of your cast and crew as well as transportation, travel and security in remote locations.

Aon/Albert G. Ruben knows the marketplace and is able to put together an insurance portfolio designed specifically for your film, combining the broadest coverage at the most competitive price. You know you'll be protected from pre-production to the final release. If you can film it, Aon/AGR can insure it.

We partner with you

We partner with you to assess and analyze the risks associated with your production and offer an array of solutions including the production package policy with coverages for cast; props, sets and wardrobe; miscellaneous equipment; negative film and videotape; and faulty stock.

In addition to customary commercial insurance coverages, we provide policies that address the specialized risks associated with motion picture and television production, including accidental death, bonds, tax incentives, stunts, essential elements, weather and other unique perils.

Let the experienced staff of entertainment insurance professionals at Aon/AGR guide you through the challenging process of procuring the appropriate insurance coverages for your motion picture or television production.