What We Do

At Aon/Albert G. Ruben (Aon/AGR), our focus is on minimizing risk for the entertainment industry without sacrificing creativity.

Aon/AGR specializes in entertainment and communication placements, providing coverage for the broadest range of activities: motion pictures, radio and television broadcasting, television commercial production, theatrical and sports venues, professional sports teams, Broadway shows, live events and touring companies, and for many other related activities that support the entertainment industry.

With an eye on innovation, we also assist our clients as they develop new forms of entertainment media, including those for direct distribution to the web, digital platforms, and other mobile forms of media delivery.

Entertainment Insurance Coverages

As the largest entertainment insurance broker in the world, Aon/AGR has the marketing capability to ensure that our clients obtain the broadest insurance coverage at the most competitive pricing.

Whatever the stage - whether on Broadway, in a movie theatre, on television, or even via webisodes and mobisodes, Aon/AGR places a variety of coverages, including multifaceted programs for major international studios, non appearance/event cancellation coverage for concert promoters, entertainers, venue operators, and other events.

In addition, Aon/AGR places all forms of liability (including E&O and D&O) and property insurance, all designed specifically for the needs of the entertainment industry.

Risk Management / Loss Control

Perhaps even more important than the policies Aon/AGR can provide, is our risk management consulting services to help you avoid injuries and losses. Aon/AGR can provide a comprehensive injury and illness prevention plan, written specifically to deal with the risks faced by the entertainment business.

Claims Advocacy

Our claims department has over 20 years of experience providing specialized entertainment claims advocacy for our clients. The volume of business that Aon/AGR has placed into the market over the years in many cases gives us leverage to assist in resolving claims issues that may arise.